We are excited to introduce fat biking at the top of Vernon Peak! Cruise around some of our existing bike trails in a loop at the summit. This is a thrilling outdoor activity, which is gaining in popularity across the country. Stop by and enjoy our renowned bike park in the winter! 

Everything you need to know: 

  • Fat Bikes are bikes with large tires which are ideal to handle snow surfaces. 
  • The cost to rent a fat bike (of which we have four in inventory) is $70 per bike. The cost for a sky ride ticket to take the Cabriolet is $10. Rental bikes are available on a first come, first serve basis
  • Rental bikes and trail access are between the hours of 9AM and 4PM.
  • Have your own fat bike? Use the trails with the purchase of a $10 sky ride ticket.
  • No bikes are permitted on open ski trails. They are only permitted on the designated riding trails only.
  • In case of medical emergency, ski patrol will respond to any biker in distress!
  •  Before you get started please head over to Kids Kamp to fill out a waiver.