The Garden State has always been known to be a bountiful producer, from tomatoes and corn, to singers and entertainers, and even a few of our very own Olympians… Danny Kass, Donna Weinbrecht.  The Mountain Creek Riglet Farm hopes to continue in this fine tradition by planting the seeds of snowboarding in our youngest guests.  Designed for children 5 & under, the Riglet Park Experience provides children their first introduction to snowboarding and sliding on snow.  We utilize small terrain features combined with Burton’s patented Riglet Reel technology and children’s boards to guide first time snow sliders through the movements and sensations of snowboarding in a fun and safe environment.



Operating Hours:
Open Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 10AM – 4PM

Session Times:
30 minute Sessions Start on the Hour 10AM – 4PM

The Riglet Park is located directly in front of the Discover Center Building in the Vernon Base Area.  Registration for the Riglet Experience is inside the "Barn" of the Riglet Park.

FREE Demos - 30 minutes
Admission includes: complimentary Riglet equipment and helmet use, access to the private Riglet Farm Park, and 30 minutes of instructional supervision.


Advanced reservations are strongly recommended as space is limited.  Reservations can be made by calling 973-827-2000.

Same day reservations cannot be made over the phone. Riglet Experience participants must potty trained and must be of walking age. The Riglet Park staff reserve the right to deny participation to anyone at any time at their discretion on the basis of participant safety.