Season Pass Deadline Approaching - October 31st!

Letter from Jeffrey Koffman (on behalf of the Koffman Family):

I grew up in the resort and hospitality business.  My father invested in hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico when I was young.  When I look back at my childhood and young-adulthood, I'm filled with warm recollections, not just from the sun and beaches, but from the holiday vacations spent working in the resort with my brothers and sister.  My parents welcomed and encouraged us to share the resort with friends and create unforgettable memories.  Throughout the years, many guests returned year-after-year with their families, who in-turn, were absorbed into our family.  We became one large extended family and our relationships were cemented through common experiences of frolicking in the sun, outdoor adventures in the rain forest and laughing over those shared memories.

Our vision at Mountain Creek is to do the same.  The resort is already an incredible oasis with so many activities.  Our goal is to build upon this base of outdoor adventure and give families, couples and singles so many options to make life-long memories.  We want Mountain Creek to always be in your thoughts when you’re looking for adventure or to simply relax with those closest to you.

For our customers who love the outdoors, our plans in the near term include an outdoor spa, a ropes course and skydiving. For culinary explorers, you will be delighted as we add new restaurants, a music venue, a winery and craft brewery.

At Mountain Creek, everyone leaves with a good story and our goal is to give you incredible amenities to help you paint long-lasting memories. I look forward to seeing you on the snow, in the water, on the bike trail...or however you choose to ‘play’ at Mountain Creek.

On behalf of myself and the Koffman family, I welcome you to our resort with open arms and can’t wait to see you make those lasting memories!

Best wishes,

Jeff Koffman

Jeffrey Koffman, CEO

Mountain Creek