Updated Thursday, November 27th   

Happy Thanksgiving! Mother nature has brought us a foot of freshies for this weekend! For a second year in a row, we will be open Thanksgiving weekend! Saturday and Sunday (29th/30th), Sugar lift/trail and hike park will be open from 10AM-4PM for $20. Time to get those warm-up laps under your belt!

Here's a short look back on the 2014 season!

  • Weather
  • High Temp 34°
  • Weather Cloudy
  • Mountain Info
  • Resort Status Closed
  • Vernon Peak Closed
  • Granite Peak Closed
  • South Peak Closed
  • Bear Peak Closed
  • BagJump Closed
  • Snow Tubing Closed
  • Snow Conditions
  • Base Depth
  • Surface
  • Trails, Features, & Lifts
  • Trails Open 0
  • Lifts Open 0
  • Hits 0
  • Jibs 0
  • BagJump
  • Snow Tubing 0

+ Expand Trail Report


Open Groomed Trails Open Snowmaking Moguls Moguls Open Open Closed Closed Hits Hits Jibs Jibs

Closed Easiest Progression Center
Closed Easiest Sugar Slope
Closed Easiest Upper Horizon
Closed Easiest Lower Horizon
Closed Easiest Cab Ride
Closed Easiest Triple Bound
Closed More Difficult Khyber Pass
Closed More Difficult Fox Tail
Closed More Difficult Garden State
Closed More Difficult Sayonara
Closed More Difficult Indian Pass
Closed More Difficult Independence Pass
Closed More Difficult Great Northern
Closed Most Difficult Zero G
Closed Most Difficult Straightaway
Closed Most Difficult Lower Straightaway
Closed Expert Only Twist
Closed Easiest Red Fox
Closed Easiest Osprey
Closed More Difficult Charlie's Run
Closed More Difficult Silver Fox
Closed More Difficult Southern Sojourn
Closed More Difficult Doe Run
Closed Most Difficult Grand Prix
Closed Expert Only Pipe Line
Closed Expert Only Red Tail
Closed Expert Only The Gully
Closed Expert Only Cloud 9
Closed Expert Only Tail Spin
Closed Expert Only Lark
Closed Expert Only Jumpin’ Jack
Closed Expert Only Cliff Run
Closed Expert Only Flying Fox
Closed Expert Only Bakersfield
Closed Expert Only Giant Steps
Closed Expert Only Canyon
Closed Most Difficult Kamikaze
Closed Expert Only The Arena
Closed Expert Only Bunk's Bank
Closed Expert Only Big Bear
Closed Expert Only Bird’s Eye
Closed Expert Only Gorge Run
Closed Expert Only Bear Paw
Closed Expert Only Bear Claw

+ Expand Lift Report

Chair Lifts

Open Open Closed Closed

Bear Peak Express Closed Sugar Quad Closed
The Cabriolet Closed Vernon Triple Closed
Granite Peak Quad Closed South Peak Express Closed
Vernon Magic Carpet Closed Sojourn Chairlift Closed
Progression Center Carpet Closed