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Updated: Sunday, January 25th 2015

What a weekend we are having, first a powder day on Saturday and now a sunshine day on Sunday! Join us on this fabulous Sunday funday for these phenomenal conditions after we got 10+ inches of fresh pow yesterday!

The forecast today is going to be awesome just like our conditions! With a high of 32 and sunshine, the slopes are practically calling your name. Skiing and riding conditions are at an all time high, so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to have some serious fun. We will be skiing and riding on powder and packed powder conditions today across all 4 mountain peaks and for some after skiing fun hit the Drop Zone tubing park which is in pristine condition as well.

Don’t forget about the Twisted Kids Fun Sessions today at 11am in the Twist Park located at Vernon Peak. Registration starts at 9am just outside of the Red Tail Lodge. Kids of all ages are welcome to join this free, fun, hour long coached session to kick off your freestyle skiing or riding or perfect the trick you’ve been working on. Don’t forget about your noggin, helmets are required as well as waivers signed by a parent or guardian!

Now’s the best time to book online for serious savings on Ski & Stay packages  for the upcoming weeks to come, lift tickets for up to 68% off and reserve those snow tubing sessions to ensure you and your family get in on the action!

Check out the powder day we had yesterday.

Have a snowy Sunday Funday,

Wacky Jackie

  • Weather
  • High Temp 27°
  • Weather Cloudy
  • Mountain Info
  • Resort Status 9am-9pm
  • Vernon Peak 9am-9pm
  • Granite Peak 9am to 8:30pm
  • South Peak 9am-9pm
  • Bear Peak 9am-8pm
  • BagJump Closed
  • Snow Tubing 10am-9pm
  • Snow Conditions
  • Base Depth 24-30
  • Surface Machine Groomed Packed Powder
  • Trails, Features, & Lifts
  • Trails Open 42
  • Lifts Open 8
  • Hits 7
  • Jibs 15
  • BagJump
  • Snow Tubing 21

+ Expand Trail Report


Open Groomed Trails Open Snowmaking Moguls Moguls Open Open Closed Closed Hits Hits Jibs Jibs

Open Easiest Progression Center
Open Easiest Sugar Slope
Open Easiest Upper Horizon
Open Easiest Lower Horizon
Open Easiest Cab Ride
Open Easiest Triple Bound
Open More Difficult Khyber Pass
Open More Difficult Fox Tail
Open More Difficult Garden State
Open More Difficult Sayonara
Open More Difficult Indian Pass
Open More Difficult Independence Pass
Open More Difficult Great Northern
Open Most Difficult Zero G
Open Most Difficult Straightaway
Open Most Difficult Lower Straightaway
Open Expert Only Twist
/ 1
/ 2
Open Easiest Red Fox
Open Easiest Osprey
Open More Difficult Southern Sojourn
Open More Difficult Doe Run
Open More Difficult Charlie's Run
Open More Difficult Silver Fox
Open Most Difficult Grand Prix
Closed Expert Only Pipe Line
Closed Expert Only Red Tail
Open Expert Only The Gully
Open Expert Only Cloud 9
Open Expert Only Tail Spin
/ 1
Open Expert Only Lark
Open Expert Only Jumpin’ Jack
/ 2
/ 4
Open Expert Only Cliff Run
/ 2
Open Expert Only Flying Fox
Open Expert Only Bakersfield
/ 2
/ 3
Open Expert Only Giant Steps
Open Expert Only Canyon
/ 1
/ 3
Open More Difficult Bear Claw
Open More Difficult Gorge Run
Open More Difficult Bunk's Bank
Open Most Difficult Big Bear
Open Most Difficult Bear Paw
Open Most Difficult Kamikaze
Open Most Difficult Bird’s Eye
Open Expert Only The Arena
/ 1

+ Expand Lift Report

Chair Lifts

Open Open Closed Closed

Bear Peak Express Open Sugar Quad Open
The Cabriolet Open Vernon Triple Closed
Granite Peak Quad Open South Peak Express Open
Vernon Magic Carpet Open Sojourn Chairlift Open
Progression Center Carpet Open