Season Pass Deadline Approaching - October 31st!

Want to refine your park skills in a private session? Join us for a private park session on Wedelland with coaching. All abilities are welcome and our coaches are ready to teach you anything from hitting your first box or jump to refining a technical rail trick. Check out the FAQ below for all the details. We looking forward to helping you get take your skills to the next level!

Closed for the season.

~ Helmets are required at all times during freestyle drop-in session. ~


What is the Free Style Drop In?

A private three hour park session geared towards those looking to learn or improve their park skiing or riding. This park is specially designed to be a progressive and encouraging atmosphere to eliminate fear and intimidation while trying something new.

Where does the Freestyle Drop-In take place?

Wedelland park on South Peak.

Who can join the Freestyle Drop-In?

Anyone with a valid lift ticket and their own equipment. HELMETS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES DURING THESE SESSIONS. Please see below for skills required prior to joining.

When are the Freestyle Drop-In sessions offered?

Fridays from 4PM-7PM and Saturdays from 10AM-1PM ending on February 26th.

What skills are required prior to signing up?

Snowboarders should be comfortable turning and stopping on their heel and toe edges on all blue terrain. Skiers should be comfortable turning left and right on blue terrain and hockey stopping.

How much does a session cost?

$29.99 per person per day (with a valid lift ticket). 

How many guests will be there?

We offer a maximum of 60 spots per session to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment.    

What lift is used to access the sessions?

Take the South Peak Express to the top of the mountain and ski/ride down Red Tail to access Wedelland. Once in the session, you are encouraged to hike the features you are learning. If you choose to ski/ride back to the lift, there are no line privileges with this product.