Step 2The Mini Pipe


Develop your balance and practice dropping-in!

Pumping – Standing on the edge of the pipe, pressure the tongues of the boots and lean forward to drop in. Flex your knees as you drop in then rise up as you go up the other wall, as you start to slide backwards (switch) get low again and keep the pressure on the tongues of your boots.

Side Stepping – Turn skis across the hill, lean your knees into the slope and use your uphill edges to climb up the wall of the pipe.

Side Slipping – With your skis across the hill, slowly flatten your skis beginning with the down hill ski until you start to slide.

Turning – Begin with your skis in a triangle shape with your tips close together but not touching and your tails away from each other (pizza/wedge), then with your weight evenly on both skis, slowly rotate your legs and turn your feet to turn the skis.

Ready to move on – When you are comfortable dropping in a gliding on your skis to a controlled stop.


Develop your balance and practice Dropping-In!

Pumping – Start on edge of the pipe with both feet strapped in and in your athletic stance. Tip your lead leg forward and bend at the knees to drop in. Keep you base flat as you glide.  Rise up as you ascend the opposite wall. As you start to slide backwards down the wall (switch) turn your head in the direction you’re going, get low, and glide to a stop.

Side Stepping – With your back foot out and your board across the hill, face uphill, dig your toe edge into the snow.  Use your board to grip the snow as you climb the hill taking small steps upward with your board followed with your free foot behind.  Always make sure you are balanced and confident before taking your next step.

Side Slipping – begin with your board across the hill and both feet strapped in. (athletic stance with weight balanced on both feet)

  • Heel Edge: sit back and lift your toes up to engage your heel edge. Engage your edge more to slow or stop and release your edge by allowing your board to flatten to start sliding.
  • Toe Edge: squish the tongues of your boots with your shins and shift your weight towards front of your foot to engage the toe edge. Same as the heel edge, more edging will cause you to stop and less edging you will allow you to slide.

Turning – Drop in with a flat base, then, using your lead foot, squish the tongue of your boot to engage the toe side edge (like pressing on a gas pedal) OR lift your toes up to engage the heel side edge.

Ready to move on – Once you are comfortable dropping in and gliding to a controlled stop and engaging both your toe and heel edges.