We are excited to introduce fat biking at the top of Vernon Peak! Cruise around some of our existing bike trails in a loop at the summit. This is a thrilling outdoor activity, which is gaining in popularity across the country. Stop by and enjoy our renowned bike park in the winter! 

Closed for the season.

Everything you need to know: 

  • Fat Bikes are bikes with large tires which are ideal to handle snow surfaces. 
  • The cost to rent a fat bike (of which we have four in inventory) is $70 per bike. The cost for a sky ride ticket to take the Cabriolet is $10. Rental bikes are available on a first come, first serve basis
  • Rental bikes and trail access are between the hours of 9AM and 4PM.
  • Have your own fat bike? Use the trails with the purchase of a $10 sky ride ticket.
  • No bikes are permitted on open ski trails. They are only permitted on the designated riding trails only.
  • In case of medical emergency, ski patrol will respond to any biker in distress!
  •  Before you get started please head over to Kids Kamp to fill out a waiver.