Aug 9th to 11th, 2019
9:00am to 7:00pm

King of the Mountain Enduro


In Association with:

Mid-Atlantic Super Series

The King of the Mountain Enduro is back!  And this year we’re partnering with the Mid Atlantic Super Series to bring you 5 stages of classic Mountain Creek enduro racing.  This year’s course will incorporate many of the more popular stages from our previous enduro races and I’m sure George and the boys will be cooking up a few new bits to keep it fresh.  The overall character of the race stages will be focused on flow and fun looking to give racers of all ages and ability levels a series of tracks that challenge and satisfy. 


Friday, August 9th Pre-Riding
Saturday, August 10th Pre-Riding
Sunday, August 11th On-Site Registration & Race Day




Pro/Open  $65
Amateur $55
Under 15 $45

Race Fees Include a Complimentary Lift Ticket for Sunday’s Race.  Friday and Saturday Racer Practice Tickets Available at 50% Discount for Registered Racers. 

**Sell Out Alert:  This event has a high likelihood of selling out.  We only have 185 racers starts available for this event. **

*** Race Registrations are Non-Refundable***


Discounted Mountain Creek Waterpark Access:

Racers and their families may enjoy 25% off admission to the Mountain Creek Waterpark during the event.  Discount Admission can be procured at racer registration. 


Racer Categories:

Pro/Open Men                        Pro/Open Women

Pro/Open Women                  Amateur Women

Under 15

Under 19

19-29 Men

30-39 Men

40-49 Men

50+ Men



Pro/Open Cash Payouts (Men & Women):  1st - $500, 2nd - $250, 3rd - $125, 4th - $75, 5th - $50

Amateur Classes:  Prizing 1st – 5th Place



The enduro will use the Sport Ident chip timing system.  Failure to return timing chips after the race will result in forfeiture of results and a $25 charge.  


To ensure that there are no unfair advantages given to local racers, King of the Mountain course maps and descriptions will not be released until the Thursday evening prior to the race.  All stages will be marked and ready for practice starting on Friday August 9th. 


Racer Pitting:

Racer pitting will be permitted with the flow of traffic in all Mountain Creek non-preferred parking lots or for a daily fee per parking space used in the Cobblestone Preferred parking lot.  No overnight pitting will be allowed in the preferred lots. 


Race Schedule:

Race Schedule  
Friday, August 9 12PM - 7PM - Bike Park open for practice and general public
Saturday, August 10 9AM - 7PM - Bike Park open for practice and general public
Sunday,  August 11 7:30AM    Registration opens for On-site Registration & Racer Plate/Ticket pick up

9AM    Lift Opens - Mandatory Riders Meeting in front of the Cabriolet Gondola (Start Orders Announced)

  10AM Race Begins – Start of Stage 1
  3PM*   Awards Ceremony in the Biergarten
  7PM     Lift Closes

*Times are approximate and subject to change.  No stage practice allowed on Sunday



King of the Mountain participants can save 20% on resort lodging at Mountain Creek.  Just call 973-827-2000 and mention "KOM Partner Rate" for discount.


Race Rules: 

Enduro mountain bike racing is designed to be the definitive test for the mountain biker. The focus of each event is on creating a great atmosphere, community, competition and adventure for the competitor. It’s a format that allows riders to compete against each other on individual Timed Stages that are designed to challenge the rider’s technical and physical abilities.

Timed Stages will be mostly downhill and will test the rider’s technical skills. Enduro courses will use the best trails and terrain available. Fun will be the focus for the courses. Timed stages may include short periods of climbing and pedaling.  An all-mountain/enduro bike is recommended but not required.

The untimed transfers will make require racers to pedal, walk or use the lift (when indicated). The lift may ONLY be used before designated timed stages.  Racers will be disqualified for using the lift on race day other than when indicated as part of the race.

Total time from all the timed sections will be added together to determine the winners based on total race time (fastest wins). Ties will be broken by the racer’s times on the last timed stage.

There will be category start times for the start of Stage 1 only. Racers that miss their category start times will be allowed to start only at the discretion of the starter. Racers may not start ahead of their category’s assigned start time.  At all other timed stages racers may start at their leisure provided all timed stages are completed in the proper race order. Once a racer starts a timed stage he may not restart that same Stage for any reason. No pre-riding of Timed Stages is allowed once the race starts.

All stages and transfers must be done in the proper order.

Racers must complete each stage ahead of our official course sweeper.  Stages will be closed after the course sweeper completes them.  Riders arriving after the stage has closed will not be allowed to start and must return to the finish area. This will ensure the event finishes at a reasonable hour.


Course cutting by leaving the obvious intended trail will result in disqualification.

Racers MUST hand in their chips within 15 minutes after finishing the last stage
or they will be penalized 1 minute, after 30 minutes racers will be DQ’d from the event if they have not returned their chip and a $25 fee will be assessed. 

Racers MUST be present at the Race Award Ceremony to Receive Awards and/or Cash Payouts!

Racers are responsible for clearing and timing in and out of every start/finish including the timed climb. 

Racers being passed should yield when it is be safe to do so.

Full-face helmets, knee and elbow pads are recommended but not required.

Helmets must be worn at all times on venues property while riding on your bicycle. Helmets may only be removed when walking or taking the lift. 

Only one bike may be used throughout the race.  Bike swapping for any reason will result in a disqualification. 

Support is only allowed in the base area and at the top of the Cabriolet. Otherwise all tools, parts, hydration, snacks etc must be carried by the individual racer.  Racers must carry everything that they’ll need including water, tools and tubes. Stashing anything along the course is not permitted.

If a racer must return to the pit/parking lot area during the course of the event that racer must return to the race in the same place using the indicated transfer method for that segment.

Any age may race in the Pro Open Class.

Any age may race in a younger class except for U19 racers.

Women can race in women’s classes or age groups.

Any actions by a racer that results in an unfair advantage will not be allowed and will result in a warning, a time penality or disqualification as determined by the race officials.

Rules infractions will be met with a warning, a time penalty or disqualification as determined by the head official.

Officials’ rulings can be protested only within the 15 minute post-race protest period before official results are posted and awards begin. Race officials will make final all protested decisions immediately. Stage Re-runs will only be given at the discretion of the race official.  No Whining!  The race official’s rulings are the final word. 

For racers competing in the MASS overall series that series scoring rules will apply:

It is understood this is not a complete list of rules so use your common sense as Mountain Creek reserves the right to add, change or modify the rules at any point in time.