Mar 16th, 2019
9:00am to 3:00pm

Join us on Saturday March 16th for our Transition Race - Ski/Board/ Downhill MTB Duathalon. 

Register Here

(Registration open until 3/16 at 9AM)


  • Individual- Male Expert
  • Individual- Male Novice
  • Individual - Female
  • Team - Male, Female, or Coed

Cost per racer is $10, and included a free beverage after the race (Beer for those 21+, soft drink for those not of legal age)

With winter winding down and MTB season fast approaching, we're stoked to bring back the Transition Snow and Mountain Bike Race! This event gives racers a chance to race one run their MTB's and one run skis/boards on the same track. Fastest combined time wins! This year we'll run both the bikes and ski/boards on the snow. The gated course will be similar to a Giant Slalom style track.

Participant check-in will begin at 8AM in the Red Tail Lodge.  If you are participating as a team both you and your teammate will need to check in together at the same time. If you do not have a 18/19 Winter Season Pass, Participatant lift tickets can be purchased onsite or online. *Every racer must have a valid lift ticket*

Mountain Creek provides a free ski and board check which you may use for your ski equipment before, during and after the race.  We highly recommend bringing a bike lock to lock up your bike when not in use.

Just a friendly reminder that this is a winter race.  You should expect to encounter snow and ice on both the ski and bike trails. This event will be taking place on Blue and Black rated terrain.  Intermediate or better bike and ski/board skills are required.  An open practice period will be provided for both the Ski/Board and Bike portions of the race.  Please use this time to inspect the courses and know what you're getting into before your time to race.  Know your limits and don't race above your skills.

Mountain Creek's bike center will not be open for this event.  Please be prepared to be entirely self-reliant for any bike maintenance or repairs needed.  There will be no bike rental services available for this race.

Mountain Creek has made special exception to allow Mountain Bikers on the lifts and designated trails during ski operations for this event.  Please respect the rules and keep all bike traffic to the designated routes and times only.  Unauthorized riding on ski or bike trails will result in loss of riding and skiing privileges.  

Helmets are required for both the Ski/Board and Bike portions of the race.