Aug 5th to 8th, 2021
12:00pm to 6:00pm

US Downhill National

Mountain Creek Bike Park - US Downhill National Series Race

UCI Classification: DHI Elite 3

August 5-8, 2021

Vernon, NJ USA

Mountain Creek Bike Park proudly announces the 2021 MOUNTAIN CREEK USDH NATIONAL, part of US Downhill National Race Series. This race event is sanctioned by USA Cycling and carries a UCI DHI Elite 3 classification.

With one of the longest lift-accessed riding seasons in North America, more than 50 unique downhill trails and numerous resort amenities, Mountain Creek Bike Park has consistently ranked as one of the top spots in the country for downhill and freeride mountain biking.

Located in the picturesque northwest corner of New Jersey, Mountain Creek Resort offers a world-class riding experience in an easy-to-get-to destination, about one hour outside of New York City and local airports.




Mountain Creek offers onsite lodging in the Appalachian Motel and Black Creek Sanctuary Condos. For availability, rates and more details please call 973-827-2000 or visit


In addition to the onsite lodging, there are several other local lodging options all located within 30 minutes drive or less of the resort:



Overnight parking is permitted on-site in the lower parking lots across the street from the lifts.

Local Campground Options:

Woodland Trails - Sussex, NJ


Thursday August 5

12pm-6pm Registration pick-up open / Track Walk


Friday August 6

 9am-4pm Registration pick-up open

9am-1pm Pro Practice

1pm- 5pm Amateur Practice


Saturday August 7

8am-11:30am Amateur Practice

11:30am-2:30pm Pro Practice

1:30 PM Next Gen Youth Race

3pm UCI Elite Pro, Domestic Pro and Cat 1 18 & Under Seeding Runs


Sunday August 8

8am-9:30am Amateur Practice

9:30am-10:30am Pro Practice

11:00am Race Start Awards to follow

Pro Practice Times: Elite Pro (Men/Women), Domestic Pro Men, UCI Junior Men (17-18), Cat 1/Pro Open Women

Amateur Practice: All other categories



Thursday August 5 12pm-6pm
Friday August 6


Saturday August 7 8am-6pm
Sunday August 8 8am-6pm






Race Entry (Includes: Fri-Sun Lift Tickets)

Thursday Practice Tickets

UCI Elite & Pro/Open
Men & Women


50% Discount

Amateur Categories


50% Discount

Next Gen Youth Downhill

See details below


*Coaches must sign waivers and are limited to course time congruent with their participant.



Racer Categories:


UCI Elite Men

UCI Elite Women

UCI Junior Men (17-18)

Domestic Pro Men


Men Cat 1 - 16 & Under

Men Cat 1 - 19-29

Men Cat 1 - 30-39

Men Cat 1 - 40-49

Men Cat 2/3 - Junior  0-12

Men Cat 2/3 - Junior 13-14

Men Cat 2/3 - Junior 15-16

Men Cat 2/3 - Junior 17-18

Men Cat 2/3 - 19-29

Men Cat 2/3 - 30-39

Men Cat 2/3 - 40-49

Men Cat (all) - 50+


Women Cat 1/ Open

Women Cat 2/3 - 18 & Under

Women Cat 2/3 - 19+



As a UCI/USAC sanctioned event, all participants in sanctioned categories MUST possess a license to participate in this event. Either a valid annual license (UCI or USA Cycling) or a single event license is required.


UCI Rules and Regulations

The MOUNTAIN CREEK USDH NATIONAL Elite categories shall be run under UCI regulations.  This means that an International Annual License is required for all racers looking to compete in the Elite Pro and UCI Junior categories.  Any Pros not holding an international license that do not wish to purchase one, may enter the Domestic Pro race category. Complete UCI regulations can be found here:


All other categories shall follow USA Cycling regulations found at


Pro Prizing Payouts

UCI ELITE Men: 1st - $1,000, 2nd - $750, 3rd - $475, 4th - $375, 5th - $225, 6th - $175, 7th - $150,       8th - $125

UCI ELITE Women: $1,000, 2nd - $750, 3rd - $475, 4th - $375, 5th - $225, 6th - $175, 7th - $150,        8th - $125


Domestic Pro Men: 1st - $350, 2nd - $250, 3rd - $175, 4th - $125, 5th - $100

Cat1/Open Women: 1st - $350, 2nd - $250, 3rd - $175, 4th - $125, 5th - $100 


Awards All Classes

Prizing will be given to the top 5 finishers in each amateur category.


Course Descriptions

-Mountain Creek Bike Park will provide one course for all racers with clearly marked options and/or go around lines for beginner racers where deemed necessary. 

-Courses will be marked and taped clearly based on the appropriate technicality level for category.

-Racers are required to perform a course inspection or walk the course prior to riding.

-Course times will vary from just over 2 minutes to over 4 minutes depending on category/racer ability.

-Course map will be available approximately 2 weeks prior to race (or earlier if possible).

-Course will be marked and ready for inspection on Thursday August 5, 2021.

-Course preview video will be uploaded and available through our Facebook page by

Thursday August 5, 2021 (or earlier if possible).


Next Gen Youth Downhill FUN Race:

The Next Gen Youth race is designed to allow our youngest and beginner racers who might not be ready for the main event, an opportunity to get out and race.  Parents/coaches are welcome to follow their racers down the course.  The Next Gen race course will take advantage of our existing intermediate bike trails along with some fresh cut/built sections.  Course details will be released as we get closer to the event. This race is just for fun – no points or affiliation to the main US Open Next Gen Race.


Next Gen registration will be $25 (does not include lift ticket)

Youth Fun Race Categories:

Next Gen Under 7 (Boys & Girls)

Next Gen Ages 7-8 (Boys & Girls)

Next Gen Ages 9-10 Boys                                                      

Next Gen Ages 9-10 Girls

Next Gen Ages 11-12 Boys                                                    

Next Gen Ages 11-12 Girls

Next Gen Ages 13-14 Boys                                                    

Next Gen Ages 13-14 Girls



A limited amount of “Preferred" Racer Pit Spaces will be available in the Cobblestone Village Paid Parking Lot.  These will be sold by the total number of parking spaces occupied.

  • 1 Parking Space (Roughly 10X10)            $150
  • 2 Parking Spaces (Roughly 20X10)          $250
  • 3 Parking Spaces (Roughly 30X10)          $350
  • 4 Parking Spaces (Roughly 40X10)          $450


Racers who choose not to purchase Preferred Pit Space may pit free of charge in any of the outer dirt lots.

For brands and companies looking to promote or sell their products onsite, we will have a limited number of Expo spaces available on the Great Lawn in front of the Cabriolet Gondola.  Please note that these spaces are tents only and do not include incorporated vehicle parking. 

  • 10X10    $200
  • 20X20   $300

To reserve Pit or Expo space please email Pat Morgan at


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