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Safety Information

Mountain Biking is a fun and exciting sport the entire family can enjoy.  It is important to note though that Downhill Mountain Biking is a significantly different sport than road cycling, trail riding or even cross-country mountain biking.  It requires a level of physical and mental effort to navigate the trails safely and maintain control of the bike. For these reasons, we encourage all guests to familiarize themselves with the information below regarding our resort safety policies and information.

Age Policy:

  • Children under 5 years of age are not permitted on the Downhill Mountain Biking trails
  • Children ages 5-14 must be accompanied by an adult (parent or legal guardian 18yrs or older) at all times or must be registered in a lesson

Trail Ratings

At Mountain Creek Bike Park we offer trails for all ability levels.  While it is not required, we do recommend that all bike park guests have some basic bike riding experience (road, mountain, BMX) or take a lesson before attempting the downhill mountain biking.  All trails may contain natural and/or man-made obstacles or features.  It is important for all participants to be aware of the trail ratings, their surroundings, and other riders on the trails.  The level of risk increases with the level of trail difficulty.

Riders should visually inspect all technical trail sections and features to assess the skill level required before attempting to ride them.  

Mountain Bike
Responsibility Code

Be safety conscious. It is your responsibility to know the code. 

  1. Always walk your bike through the base area of the resort including common areas and pedestrian walkways. Riding your bike in these areas will result in loss of riding privileges
  2. Maintain control at all times. It's your responsibility to stop or avoid other riders, objects, debris and wildlife around you
  3. Yield to slower riders and yield to the rider below you. This is your responsibility, regardless of trail ratings. 
  4. Do not stop where you obstruct a trail, feature or are not visible to other riders approaching from above.
  5. If you are witness to or involved in a collision or accident, please assist and report the incident to the Bike Park staff. 
  6. Keep off closed areas and obey all signs and warnings. 
  7. Always start on marked bike trails. Do not ride on ski trails or access roads unless marked as part of a bike trail 
  8. Hiking or uphill mountain biking in the Bike Park on bike-specific trails is not permitted and dangerous.
  9. Do no feed, provoke or approach wildlife

Park privileges will be revoked for breach of code. Know the code!  It is your responsibility to know the Mountain Biker’s Responsibility Code to ensure a safe and fun experience for all guests.  Please take your time to review the code here before heading out to the Bike Park.

Get ready
Clothing, gear, equipment and rental



The downhill mountain biking trails at Mountain Creek are specifically designed to be ridden on full suspension mountain bikes with at least 5 inches of travel (6-8 inches is optimal).  The trails are rocky, bumpy and become much more difficult without high-quality suspension. Without full suspension, fatigue becomes a factor much sooner (especially for less experienced riders). Front suspension (hard tail) mountain bikes are not forbidden but not recommended.  BMX bikes are not allowed on the Downhill Mountain Bike trails. Fully rigid bikes (without at least front suspension) are not permitted.

Due to the steep grades on the downhill trails we require disc brakes for adequate stopping power. Cantilever (or caliper-style) brakes will increase the fatigue factor as more effort will be required to control your speed. All bikes on the downhill trails must have one functioning brake per wheel.

All riders should use a properly sized bike which allows you stand over the seat of the bike with your feet flat on the ground.  A bike that is too large or with the seat raised high can increase the risk of injury.  If you have any questions regarding your bike fit, please come see one of our staff in the Bike Center.  If you do not have a suitable mountain bike, we highly recommend you consider renting a Downhill Mountain Bike for the day.  Ride safe.

Clothing & Gear

Bicycle Helmets are mandatory for all riders.  Open-face (skate-style) helmets are permitted but full-face helmets are strongly suggested.  For the best protection from minor scrapes and abrasions Mountain Creek Bike Park recommends; a properly fitted full-faced helmet, gloves, long pants, long sleeves, knee/leg protection, elbow/arm protection and properly fit and tight running or skate-style sneakers.

First-timer guide rental 

Before you visit us for the first time, please take a few minutes to review our First Timer’s Guide and familiarize yourself with what to expect on your first visit to Mountain Creek Bike Park.

We encourage all our first-time guests and beginners to strongly consider taking a lesson.  Our All-Inclusive Experience Downhill package gets you two hours of guided instruction complete with a standard downhill rental and protective equipment.

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