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Bike Park Team

Meet the Trail Crue. These hardworking diggers keep the Mountain Creek Bike Park buffed and ready for your shredding pleasure all season long.

Marc Tremain

Marc Tremain

  • Years Riding: 27
  • Gear: 3XL BasketBall Jersey and a Speedo
  • Favorite Terrain: eXtreme vertical Xgames style downhillz
  • Favorite Trail: 2013 Gravity East race course
  • Proudest Moments:  Reciting the alphabet in reverse 2,253 times in one day
  • Other Interests: Old stuff, anything with an engine and wheels, karaoke, rebuilding single speed derailleurs
George Ryan

 George Ryan

  • Years Riding: 19
  • Gear: My stealth Evil Undead bike with my ultra tight denim on, my Slayer t-shirt, Vans, and my sleeveless denim jacket with all the sick band patches on it.
  • Favorite Terrain: Fast, loose and out out of control, just like my women
  • Favorite Trail: Kamikaze Fun Machine (it's a secret trail) or the boardwalk at the beach lurking on some babes.
  • Proudest Moment: Learning to ride
  • Other Interests: Video editing, mini bikes, bowling, making mixed tapes while listening to 90.1 FM.

Paul "Paul Sr." Braunstein

  • Years Riding:  1
  • Gear: Top Gear
  • Favorite Terrain: Mountainous
  • Favorite Trail: Tempest
  • Proudest Moment: Being accepted to the Trail Crue and when I found out Jeb was my father
  • Other Interests: Playing magic, women

Paul "Paul Jr." Spada

  • Years Riding: Never a day in my life
  • Gear: Socks are nice
  • Favorite Terrain: Snow
  • Favorite Trail: Greenhorn
  • Proudest Moment: Replacing Evan "Phantom Rider" Gilardi on Trail Crue
  • Other Interests: Snowboarding and collecting stamps

Jeffrey "Jeb" Anderson

  • Years Riding: Wildlife: 27, Bikes:26
  • Gear: All denim, no sleeves
  • Favorite Terrain: The ground, trees, and a river
  • Favorite Trail: Route 94
  • Proudest Moment: Birth
  • Other Interests: None

Cory Fieldhouse

  • Years Riding: 1/12th
  • Gear: Denim cut off shortie shorts, 10% gear
  • Favorite Terrain: The carpets in the Bike Shop
  • Favorite Trail: Happy trails, the trail that leads to George's house
  • Proudest Moment: Realizing that I was adopted
  • Other Interests: PBR, whatever George likes, and math

Steve "Snacks" Owens

  • Years Riding: less than 1
  • Gear: Fly Racing, 10% gear, Hand me downs
  • Favorite Terrain: The thunder down under
  • Favorite Trail: Dad Bod Drive
  • Proudest Moment: When I found out that Bruce Jenner turned into Caitlyn Jenner
  • Other Interests: Riding downhill bikes uphill

James Dexter

  • Years Riding: 7
  • Gear: Moto pants, Hawaiian shirt
  • Favorite Terrain: Steep and loose
  • Favorite Trail: Sideshow Bob
  • Proudest Moment: Putting a leg over a bike
  • Other Interests: Sweet tea, pretzels and old bay

Calvin Mempe

  • Years Riding: 8
  • Gear: One Vapor Kit with no pads, 10% gear
  • Favorite Terrain: Hard packed and flowy
  • Favorite Trail: Waterboy (top to bottom)
  • Proudest Moment: graduating first grade
  • Other Interests: Cars, sailplanes and sleep