Spending some time at the beach is a nice vacation—every once in a while. But it’s such a standard getaway that, unless it’s a truly exotic destination, does it really excite you anymore in any kind of meaningful way?

Those who want a true thrill are going elsewhere, like Mountain Creek. When they return home, they’ll have more to share than they’re constant, all-encompassing war against the ravenous flies. Much more. Their stories, in fact, are going to sound surreal, more like a montage from a bunch of epic trips—mountainside horseback riding, ziplining down from a 1,000-foot mountain peak, slaloming through lush forest on a mountain bike. But it’s all to be had in one place, Mountain Creek.

See the world from above
There’s a reason that people enjoy the window seat of an airplane. They want to perceive the world from above. In a world where everything new becomes commonplace so quickly, it’s still a fresh and exciting perspective.

Ziplining in New Jersey puts an even newer spin on it, conquering one of the most common fears among mankind and seeing delights that people across the world will never enjoy. The zip tour at Mountain Creek will also provide an opportunity to survey the trails and overlook the mountains that you’ll spend your day on. Of course, it make take at least a couple passes to process what you’re seeing. The first time or two through, you’re going to be too caught up in the sensation that you’re flying, free and clear, like you never thought you could.

Getting back to your roots
When you overcome the initial obstacle of learning to ride a horse, a world of opportunity will open. You’ll be stronger for it, mentally and emotionally. And, again, you’ll see the world from a unique position. Trotting along the Mountain Creek horseback riding trails, you’ll take notice of trees and streams and animals, even the sky, in ways that you never have before.

These days, it may seem like the world is made out of cement, steel and glass, between the buildings, roads that connect us to almost anywhere we want to go and the technology that keeps us inside most of the time. But there’s still a rich natural world out there. Sitting on horseback, that reality emerges.

Taming the mountain on two wheels
Whether you’ve been bombing precarious trails for most of your life or you’re just beginning to build your confidence atop a mountain bike, biking in New Jersey at Mountain Creek will prove to be a rewarding challenge.

Skilled mountain bikers are mentally and physically strong. When they exercise their bodies, they’re also exercising their minds, because the terrain requires constant attention and negotiation. Mountain Creek’s trails will satisfy the seasoned riders searching for their next great challenge and the novices still figuring out how to consistently hop those tree stumps.

Mountain Creek’s more than a day-trip or a vacation retreat. It’s a place where people and grow and re-emerge stronger for the experience.