Jan 11th, 2020
9:00am to 2:00pm

Join us on January 11th for the 2nd Annual Hedda Memorial Race at Bear Peak, on Kamikaze.


Date: January 11th

Time: 9am-2pm


  • Open to all NJSRA Racers (U8 – U19)
  • 1 Run before the fun
  • Giant Slalom
  • Fun, Food and Awards following the Race

Hedda Birds of Prey Cup

The memorial race will include medals for all racers with individualized medals for place 1 to 3 for each gender age group between 10 to U19. There is also a Cup Trophy that will be handed to the mountain with the combined best result from the race. The Cup Trophy will be up for game for next years competition and the winning mountain from year to year will be remembered on the team plaque managed by NJSRA.

Avian Wildlife Foundation

Giselle Smisko, the founder of the Avian Wildlife Center in Wantage, NJ will bring some of the birds in her care for the racers to visit. The visits will be done in groups from 10AM to 1PM in the parent lounge above the cafeteria. The visits will be guided with 20-30 min intervals. Please change to shoes as ski boots will not be allowed and please be respectful to the birds visiting us for the day. A donation to the Avian Wildlife in memory of Hedda and your loved ones is suggested. 

From Camilla & Per Sivertsson - 

Hedda always looked forward to the ski season and being together with her friends, coaches and the committed NJSRA ski community. As much as she loved the freedom and the speed of skiing, she even more treasured the friendship within the ski community. She started skiing at the age of three and she was quick to learn and she immediately fell in love with the sport and made friends with people all over the mountain. At that time our family we raced each other every weekend as part of the NASTAR program. Hedda and William joined the Superstars program whilst her little sister Elva was skied with her parents. To nobody’s surprise Hedda immediately made many new friends and charmed the coaches with her wild and free spirit. Little did we know how much skiing would come to mean for our family. 

As Hedda grew into racing she chiefly liked the friendship between girls and boys in a sport where boys and girls practice and race together. She also participated in several other sports and second to skiing Hedda had a liking for rugby. It was again that team spirit, the explosive, full-of-life experience playing with both boys and girls that attracted her. 

In September 2015, at the age of 12, Hedda was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a brain tumor. Through the years that followed she went through brain surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, stem cell transplant and immunotherapy. Through her tribulations she remained full of life and against her doctor’s cautions she kept on skiing during her first year of treatment. 
The disease progressed quickly and bound her to a wheelchair as the tumor crushed her spine. Despite all she went through Hedda continued going to the races so she could be with her friends and extended family, and always cheering them on. The tumor never stopped her from being there for her friends, and her friends were always there for her. The race team became Hedda’s village where she belonged and where she had a bond and friendship that was strong and compassionate. 

Hedda was a girl full of life who deeply cared for people and animals. Starting at the young age of 7, she and her dog Julia visited long term care facilities to give the comfort to the elderly. Sometimes her caring spirit would backfire, as when she caught a squirrel in distress that ended up biting her and requiring her to get several rabies shots. Her kindheartedness for people and animals was always with her and was always shining through.

Hedda’s own fight never stopped her from reaching out to people in need. On the contrary, she became even more compassionate for the children and families that were going through similarly awful life changing events as she did. She had the strength to carry her friends and family through the hardship she endured, and she always greeted people with a smile. Hedda’s sense of humor, curiosity, openness, and bravery, coupled with maturity beyond her young age made her connect and welcome people at all ages and all walks of life. 

Hedda passed away on March 2, 2018 and only a few weeks before she skied with friends and family at the Vermont Adaptive Ski program at Pico.

Thank You to all of you that made this event possible.

Two Teaspoons, our local bakery in Hamburg, NJ for providing the wonderful cookies. Hedda visited two teaspoons several times and she ordered a few cakes from them and they are as delicious as they are beautiful.

NJSRA and the local ski racing community at all the mountains for actively supporting, participating and for continuing to develop the event in memory of our daughter and for the friendship between mountains.

Hedda Memorial Race

Hedda Memorial Race


2019 Hedda Memorial Race Recap: