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Summer, of course, has its merits. But it takes a special kind of person to embrace winter and its bitter cold. Some would argue—we would argue—that it’s during those frozen, gray months that the strongest athletes among us emerge. After all, anybody can endure a little heat. But when a bone-chilling wind’s constantly lobbying you to turn around, to go back inside, back under that cozy blanket, the ones who don’t have already displayed a rare kind of persistence. Visit Mountain Creek for an afternoon. You’ll find the slopes filled with them.

Camaraderie and a cause
Parents often worry about how their children are spending their afternoons. A bored kid is no good to anybody, including himself. Hobbies help a child develop interests and skills of his own, including socialization. 

It’s never too late
It’s never too late to start skiing. No matter what stage of life a person’s in, child or adult, weekend warrior or couch potato, skiing is a skill that can be acquired and enjoyed at any point. However, Mountain Creek recognizes how intimidating it can be for beginners to overlook those slopes. That’s why, when you find your way there through a search for weekend ski packages near me, you’ll also find skiing and snowboarding lessons for beginners. Faster than you’re thinking, you’ll learn a few basic skills and put them into practice under the watchful eyes of seasoned instructors. And within a couple of hours, you’ll be facing down your fear, standing atop a snowy mountain, skis donned, just before conquering it.

But what does it cost?
Rentals, lessons, lift tickets. You may be thinking, How much does it cost to go skiing for a day at Mountain Creek? Well, fortunately, Mountain Creek offers a number of affordable deals for students, along with just about everybody else. 

It’s as much fun as you’re imagining. And it’s far less expensive than you’re expecting. So what are you waiting for? A little cold’s never deterred you. And after a couple of runs, you’re going to need all the help you can get cooling off anyway.