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Some will think of the snow as pure nuisance, something that piles up on their vehicles most mornings and wreaks havoc on their commutes. And then there are others, like us, who think of it as an opportunity. Skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, these are a few of our favorite things. And we’re always excited when Mother Nature makes it a little easier to do them, not that we necessarily need her. We’ve got 1,000 snowmaking machines spread across our trails.

Whether you’re a skier, a snowboarder or a tuber (or a combination of all three), Mountain Creek is going to wear you out. A little family snow tubing in the morning, some skiing after lunch and then, if you’re still standing, snowboarding under the lights. You’re in store for some of the best sleep of your life after a day like that.

Ease yourself into it
If you’re new to our slopes, it’s natural to be a little taken aback by the heights when you hop off the lift. By ski or board, it’s a long way down. And then watching others fly by, it only grows more intimidating.

The easiest way to get over that fear? Snow tubing. You’ll be as safe as you would be standing at the bottom of the mountain watching all of the action and yet you’ll be hurtling downhill as fast as you would be strapped into a pair of skis or a snowboard. A few runs and you’ll be jumping at the chance to take a run at doing it on skis or a snowboard—at a much more guarded speed.

Get schooled
Part of that fear isn’t the height alone. The beginner—every beginner—constantly fears that one wrong move is going to send him toward catastrophe. One minute your cruising along at a respectable 5 MPH, the next, you’re bounding out of control off the trail.

So put your pride aside and start at the beginning, with snowboarding lessons. Bypassing them is like forsaking the owner’s manual for your iPhone. Sure, you may eventually figure it out on your own, but it’s going to take you a lot longer. And unlike figuring out your iPhone on your own, you’re going to fall a lot on a snowboard when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Those lessons aren’t just for beginners, either. Mountain Creek offers advanced versions, too. Been at it for a few years, but your progress has plateaued? Turn to a skilled instructor. With the right technique, you’ll be amazed how easy everything will feel again.

You’re always being watched
Yes, Mountain Creek is Adventure Central. But there’s never an instance where the safety of its guests isn’t the first and foremost consideration. You may not always see them, but safety patrols are positioned all over the trails, poised to lend assistance or, if necessary, swoop in for a rescue as quickly as possible. All of the patrollers are members of the National Ski Patrol and certified as Outdoor Emergency Care technicians. In other words, there’s no emergency they’re not prepared to handle.

The mountains, by nature, are never going to be an entirely safe place. And we’re betting you probably wouldn’t be all that interested in them if they were. But Mountain Creek goes to great lengths to ensure that every guest’s experience is as safe as it is excitement-filled. (Read: a lot.)