Opening Weekend Trail Report:

Updated 4/17 @ 3PM

So, Mother Nature is in one of her moods again, but we’re mountain bikers and we’re not going let a little rain keep us from getting our shred on this weekend.  Looking at the forecasted rains for Friday and Saturday morning, we’re going to delay our opening until 11AM on Saturday.  This should give the mountain some extra time to shed water and allow the trails to dry to a more enjoyable level.

Along those lines… To help protect the hard work our Trail Crüe has already put in this season,  and to help ensure the best riding possible for the rest of the spring, the following trails will not be open for Saturday:

  • Upper Dominion
  • Lower Dominion
  • Pipeline
  • Covenant
  • Salvation
  • Breakout
  • Upper Deviant
  • Crap Chute
  • Evil Bob
  • Sideshow Bob
  • Bob Gnarley
  • Waterboy
  • Bluephoria

Trail Crüe will be evaluating trail conditions through the weekend and we may open more trails as conditions allow.

You can get the latest on trail counts on our Bike Trail Report.

We know this isn’t the ideal opening report we’ve all been waiting for, but a little patience now will hopefully allow for an amazing spring of top-notch riding conditions once everything dries out.  Think of this as a great opportunity for you to knock the rust off your chains and reacquaint yourselves with our more natural trails… and of course a chance to reconnect with all your Downhill Fam.  So we hope you’ll all still be coming out to rip some laps with us and maybe raise a few celebratory glasses in the Biergarten.  

Speaking of Biergarten… We’ve got a whole new menu and a bunch of new craft beers for you to enjoy this season. So make sure you stop by and check it out this weekend.   We recommend the Creek Day IPA (yes, you heard that right) paired with some of their new TACOS!

Bike season is here!  It may be a little wet.  It may be a little muddy, but mountain biking, much like pizza and beer, is ALWAYS good.  Even when it’s not the best you’ve ever had.  How’s that for honesty in trail reporting?  

We’ll be looking for you in the lift line.

Ride on!


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