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Mountain Creek is an all-season resort located in northern New Jersey with a range of fun activities for everyone. In winter, there’s skiing and snowboarding. In the summer, the waterpark becomes the centerpiece, but there’s a constant hum of activity across the mountain: racing along the bike trails, leisurely walks through the woods, indulging at the lodge.

A bevy of hotels near Mountain Creek—everything, really, from authentic cabins to modern, luxury high-rises—can be oriented to business, family and friends. Residing within close proximity to New York City (and not too far from Philadelphia, either), Mountain Creek then becomes a convenient retreat during the week to entertain clients—less travelling means more indulging—and a convenient excuse for a long weekend with the family.

With the arrival of winter, the slopes are groomed and ready for skiers, snowboarders and snow-tubers. The fleet of 1,000 snowmaking machines assures that there will be ample powder straight trough the season, regardless of however Mother Nature chooses to behave.

With a total of eight lifts, four mountain peaks and 46 trails, there's an option for every level of skier and snowboarder at Mountain Creek. You might be a first-time snowboarder. Rest assured, Mountain Creek’s experienced instructors have the skillset to put novices at ease and shredding down the mountainside by lunch. From snowboarding rentals to snowboarding lessons to buying lift tickets, getting up and going is inexpensive and practically seamless.

But snowboarding and skiing is only some of the adventure at this winter wonderland. Snowtubing is the most fun a family can have together. Hurtling down the mountain faster than any sled could every carry them, the kids will be screaming for more before the wind stops whistling through your ears. And parents, you’ll love it because you’ll know what they don’t: Nothing could be safer. But be forewarned, you may momentarily forget that about midway.

And for those who equate a mountainside vacation with challenging the elements, there’s hiking through lush forest, by boot or snowshoe, and ideal terrain for cross-country skiing.

Come warmer weather, Mountain Creek offers some of the best mountain-biking in the Northeast, with over 40 miles of downhill mountain bike trails, 60-plus freestyle features and more than a 1,000-foot vertical drop, ranging from beginner-appropriate to World Cup-caliber. It’s the mountain that just keeps on giving.

After a long day of traversing the mountain (or even just an hour or so), one way or the other, your appetite’s likely going to be demanding your attention. The Mountain Creek inn restaurant scene beckons. And by that we mean a slew of places to plop down and replenish all those burnt calories in almost any fashion you could want, from fine-dining at the Hawk’s Nest to the on-the-go market, Jack and Otto’s; the outdoor Biergarten to Kickstand, a cozy coffeebar; and Schuss, an electric pub, to the fast and diverse South Square. Regardless of where you land, we can guarantee that those first bites will be as satisfying as any you’ve ever enjoyed. Savor them. You’ve certainly earned them.