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Hunters will start their days early, well before the sun rises, so that they can be in prime position when it does. Fishermen and hikers tend to do the same. They’ll say that it’s conducive to catching their prey when they’re at their fullest, or, respectively, logging the most miles before the conditions begin to seize control of the day. But, really, that point in the day is simply prime viewing for all of nature’s wonders.

Much as we’ve evolved, the outdoors remain our natural habitat. Mountain Creek is well aware of that truth, immersing its guests in the best of the outdoors at every opportunity, fulfilling their baser need to thrive in the wilderness.

Two-Day Downhill Camp
There’s something exhilarating about being splattered in mud. The modern mind might be a little squeamish at first, but, deep down for some, less for others, we all pine to be outside, negotiating the terrain. During the two-day downhill mountain bike camp, guests have the opportunity to ride with more skill and confidence (but not necessarily less splatter) and to take advantage of a host of other Mountain Creek outdoor activities off their bikes.

Conquering the mountainside with a group of strangers has a unique way of forging bonds fast. After all, they’re likely there for the same reasons you are—to get better at descending, sure, but also to place themselves squarely in a scene like this, sun beating down, lush forest all around and an open trail in front of them. Nothing on a screen looks this good.

Tubes And Water Slides
During the warm summer months, a dip in the pool can be relaxing. Cold water’s always shocking. But, for a few months out of the year, that shock is good, soothing even. But soothing gets boring.

Now, soothing and exhilarating is an entirely different animal. Welcome to the Mountain Creek waterpark, where the kids are sure to feel a jolt when they reach the top of the H2-Oh-No slide and peer down at the 99-foot drop. At the bottom, relief comes in many different forms.

This water park isn’t just for kids. Everybody needs a little bit of excitement, adults probably more so than the kids. The Mountain Creek water park deals ensure an affordable and action-packed afternoon, no matter your age.

The All-Access Season Pass
After spending a day at Mountain Creek, many want to integrate it into their lives. It doesn’t take long to realize that this is a place that can’t be fully appreciated in an afternoon, or a long weekend, or even a season.

Should you find yourself in the same mindset, fear not; the Mountain Creek all access season pass is your golden key. Purchasing the pass will come with a slew of benefits, including extended slope time, a discount on food, lodging, rentals and lessons, even free snowtubing.

Mountain Creek is more than a resort. It’s also somewhere that people go more than once a year. Life is more fun when you’re there, so why wouldn’t you go whenever you could?