Triple Play Cards - Last Chance At This Rate - Fewer Than 500 Left!

Remember when we were all on equal footing on a snow day? Back then, it was all about getting dressed in the least amount of clothing your mom would accept (which was still way more than was necessary and prone to ridicule at first sight by friends and complete strangers alike) and getting to the top of The Hill as fast as possible with whatever could shoot you back down to the bottom as fast as possible. That may have been anything from a sled to a tube to a disc to a garbage can lid or the like. And, if you were savvy, the bottom was coated with something, usually nonstick cooking spray. Not a helmet or a strip of padding in sight. That’s what the other kids were for, to slow us down.

We started splintering off somewhere in high school. Some of us (we’re looking at you) continued to hit The Hill and beat up on the younger kids. Others followed their families to ski trips, where they got legit training and got serious about it. Like, every-weekend-serious. Now, when you wake up and find the scene outside your window blanketed in blinding white, you still feel that pang in your gut like it’s a special occasion, but it goes nowhere. You’ve got an afternoon of shoveling ahead of you and that’s about it.

But what if we told you the mountain’s calling you, too? No rentals or lessons required. Snow tubing is everything you loved about those halcyon days and nothing you hate about being an adult who never learned how to ski or snowboard, namely the embarrassment and the hyper-self-consciousness. It’s just like you remembered—the whiplash descent, the carefree screaming—only you can hitch a ride back to the top. And there’s no plowing into other people like they’re so many bowling pins.

We’ve got 30 lanes spread across five acres. It’s as good as snow tubing in New Jersey, or anywhere, really, gets. And just as the sledding was, it’s even better when you’re trash-talking your friends as you’re doing it, so be sure to scope out our snow tubing group tickets.

If you need further enticing, you can wear whatever you want (within reason). Your mom’s nowhere to be found, and we’re not about to rat you out.