There’s more to winter than skiing and snowboarding. We know it may look like we eat, sleep and hit the slopes. But it’s a big mountain, and the winter can be the longest season. So allow us to offer a brief tour of the other side of Mountain Creek.

Let’s start at the top, as in the mountain’s summit, where we’ll land at our year-round zipline park. That’s right: Year. Round. If you thought the views in July were incredible, they get even better. This time of year, they go on for miles, literally. A 1,500-foot decent, eye-to-eye with a hyper-blue sky, the crisp air buffeting your face—find us at the bottom and tell us that was not the most alive you’ve ever felt. Or, if you’re some kind of adrenaline junkie, one of your top five experiences, at least.

An added benefit of the winter zipline tour: No wet gloves, socks or pants to show for your descent.

While we were standing atop Vernon Peak, you may have noticed the other action swirling around us. This is the first winter for fat tire biking at Mountain Creek. We’ve crafted a scenic circuit at the summit with some of our existing mountain bike trails.

If you’ve never ridden a fat tire bike, it’s like riding a motorcycle without the constant fear that you’re going to meet your death. Snow or dirt, you’ll never have more fun riding a bike. But on snow, they really come to life. The studded tires give you a firm grip on every terrain, and the bike’s girth and low center of gravity will make you feel like you can run over anything. (Which you can.)

Mountain Creek fat bike rentals run $70. (We have four of them. They’re available on a first come, first served basis.) If you’ve done this before, bring your own fat tire bike. With a $10-sky ride ticket, you’ll gain access to the trails for the day.

Now, no more excuses. Get out and play.