Junior Development 

Superstars Race Program

The Superstar Race Program is the development race program at Mountain Creek.  The Superstar program is open to young skiers age 5-10 who can comfortably ski intermediate trails, are capable of getting on and off lifts independently, and are interested in developing their skiing skills.  This training program meets on weekends and is designed to teach the technical skills and fundamentals necessary for young skiers to become competitive athletes. Athletes who would like this race-inspired training but are older than 10 should look into the Mountain Masters program.


1 Day - Half Day $525 Buy Now
1 Day - Full Day $625 Buy Now
2 Days - Half Day $625 Buy Now
2 Days - Full Day  $800 Buy Now

*Program fees do not include a season pass. Racing pass prices for youth and race participants and for parents and guardians are available below.

**Each competition has an additional fee that covers the venue and lift tickets. This varies by competition and will be outlined after program registration on AdminSkiRacing.com.


The Superstars program has groups for those young skiers who have the ability to ski green terrain confidently all the way through to those who can manage black diamonds while in control. This program is the perquisite for those young athletes who would like to join the Youth Ski League. Superstar participants must be able to ride the lift independently, turn in control, and stop reliably.


Athletes are expected to provide their own equipment, including helmets (mandatory for all training and racing events).

If you have questions on equipment, please contact your local ski shop or MCRacing@MountainCreek.com. For racing equipment, we recommend McAfee Ski Shop in McAfee, NJ just 1 mile from the South Lodge. Our race coaches work closely with their race staff. 


Superstars have an option to train weekend days from 8:00am-11:30am or from 8:00am-2:30pm.  We also offer a single day program for athletes unable to commit to both weekend days.  Training begins December 15th (weather permitting) and continues through March 9th and is based out of the Cobblestone Village Race Room at Vernon Peak.

Additional Information:

If you have questions that are not answered here, please email MCRacing@MountainCreek.com to speak with one of our race department staff.

Racing Passes:

Participation in all Race Programs requires either a valid lift ticket or season pass.  As a frequent visitor to Mountain Creek for training and racing, the All Access Season Pass is by far the best value. If either you or your child is enrolled in a Mountain Creek Race Program, you automatically qualify for a discount on your Season Pass at a special rate.

Racing Pass Rates:

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Youth All Access (Ages 7-18) $229.99 Buy Now
Young Adult All Access (Ages 19-29) $289.99 Buy Now
Adult All Access (Age 30-64)  $379.99 Buy Now
Senior All Access (Ages 65-72) $289.99 &Buy Now
Youth Value Pass (Ages 7-18) $199.99 Buy Now
Young Adult Value Pass (Ages 19-29) $279.99 Buy Now
Adult Value Pass $349.99 Buy Now
Senior Value Pass $279.99 Buy Now

Passes are available when purchasing your racing program.

The purchase of a season pass with your race program must comply with the same regulations as All Access Season Pass members. All pass holders must complete an annual liability waiver and supply a pass photo to process your season pass order.


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