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If you’re looking for a nearby getaway that will provide you with the time of your life, then you’re in the right place. Mountain Creek is loaded with attractions that will appeal to the thrill-seeker in all of us. And, nestled in northern New Jersey, it’s only an hour’s drive from New York City. Boasting 167 acres of skiing and snowboarding trails, over 50 mountain bike trails, a 1,500-foot zipline course and a water park, all of it perched among some of the Northeast’s most breathtaking scenery, you’ll need to pace yourself.

Group-friendly snowboarding
Snowboarding always sounds like a lot more fun than it actually is. You round up a group of friends, head to the mountain and then everybody splinters off. You may catch glimpses of them on the lift, or from the lift, at various points in the day. But all of you are at different levels of ability, so you were never going to stick together. Compounding matters, you’re the most experienced of the bunch, so you could go all day and well into the night, whereas the rest of your group’s been bored out of their minds, killing time in the lodge for hours.

But Mountain Creek is different. With 46 trails spread across four peaks, there’s plenty to keep everyone invested, from the guys fresh off their snowboarding lessons to the likes of you, who’s determined to hit every black diamond at least twice before you call it a day. With easy snowboarding rentals to downright-cheap snowboarding season passes, Mountain Creek deserves serious consideration as your home away from home this winter. Seriously, what other mountain can you reach in such a short drive that’s going to hold your attention like this?

Not your average water park
When the summer heat begins to feel relentless and you’re scrambling to find water parks in Vernon, NJ, or nearby, Mountain Creek will be your salvation. From play areas for young kids to high-speed lines that call out to adrenaline junkies, this is an equal opportunity park, designed to keep everyone blissfully distracted from that giant ball of fire in the sky. Yes, even you, Mr. I’m-Not-Afraid-of-a-Water-Park-Slide. Allow us to introduce you to our Zero-G water park ride, which is bound to make the most brave-hearted among us weak in the knees. You’re a hundred feet up, admiring the view, which can reach New York City on the clearest days, when the floor beneath you gives out and you’re spiraling down the world’s tallest double-looping water slide at a speed you’ve only ever hit before in a car. On a highway.

It sounds funny to say that a water slide could make you feel as alive as you’ve felt in years, but once you take that plunge and hit the pool at the bottom, it’ll make more sense.

The closest you’ll get to flying
If you’ve only ever thought of ziplining as something that reckless people do on all-inclusive vacations, you’re robbing yourself of one of life’s safest adrenaline rushes. And there may be no better time of year for your first ride in our year-round zip-line park than the fall.

Imagine hooking in (after a thorough equipment check by the seasoned staff, of course) and then starting a gradual descent down the mountainside, undulations of orange, yellow and red rising up and fading away beneath you, a sparkling lake so close you imagine it spraying your face as you whisk by. It’s just you, the sound of the wind filling your ears and your entire, beautiful world rushing by. Granted, that may take a couple of turns.

The zip-lining never stops at Mountain Creek, but it’s hard to envision a better impetus for that first zip line tour than the fleeting, Technicolor landscape that spreads across the mountainside with the haste of a wildfire. And then just try staying away.