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People are always wondering what they should do this weekend. The answers lying within reach tend to be the least enticing. Even a dinner, when it’s all you’ve been doing on Saturday night for as long as you care to remember, can lose its flavor. And then the weekend itself tends to lose its luster. We move through the week with a constant sense of purpose only to arrive at Friday night exhausted and aimless.

The remedy: a visit to Mountain Creek. Really. It’s that simple. Then, when you wonder what there is to do this weekend, you’ll have an answer, and it never has to be the same one, because Mountain Creek is loaded with experiences. As big of draws as they are, and rightfully so, it’s more than just a ski resort or a water park.

The party never stops
When people wonder, What events are happening at Mountain Creek?, there’s always an answer, whether that very night or in the near future. Throughout the year, Mountain Creek will invite guests to come and celebrate special holidays with vibrant feasts. And on other occasions, they’ll mark their own lavish events, such as a food and wine festival, providing an outlet to mingle with friends or even develop some new bonds. In other words, if it’s the weekend, it’s a pretty safe bet that there’s a gathering underway at Mountain Creek.

Usher in the New Year in style
New Year’s Eve is a time to begin to reflect on the choices that we’ve made in the previous year and consider how we might improve ourselves over the months to come. It’s a new beginning. Actually, all of that comes the next day, as we wake from debilitating hangovers and mourn the regrets as they come thick and fast. New Year’s Eve, we party in blissful ignorance. And there’s no better place to do it than the Mountain Creek New Year's Eve Bash.

Your options come down to your appetite. The first begins in the Hawk’s Nest with a six-course feast prepared by our executive chef. From there, you’ll move to the VIP section in Schuss for the Red Tail Party, where there will be drink specials, a DJ and prime viewing of the fireworks at midnight. (Of course there’s going to be fireworks.) If you want to play it especially large, reserve a both with a few friends. The second features a four-course dinner, also in the Hawk’s Nest, coupled with free admission to the Red Tail Party. Another 100 bucks upgrades you to an open bar. If you want to come just for the party, you can do that, too.

Oktoberfest: Even better than the real thing
The leaves are falling from the trees, complementing the scenery as they fade to orange. It’s also a sign that the Mountain Creek Oktoberfest is right around the corner.

There are, of course, the alphorns that bellow from atop the mountain, outside the resort. And lederhosen, dirndls, yodeling, German folk dancing and mountains of bratwurst, knockwurst, sauerkraut, potato pancakes and strudel. And Sugarbear, the whiskey-barrel-wearing St. Bernard.

And then there’s the not-so-conventional, but perennial favorites: the hay bale toss, the wife-carry relay, the stein-holding contest and sumo wrestling, among a slew of others. Because the Germans don’t have it all figured out. How could they not have realized that drowning a liter or two of beer at a time pairs particularly well with embarrassing ourselves?